STFU Parents: Parents With Road Rage on Facebook Terrify Me

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3. West Virginia Backwoods Hoodrat




OUCH, Bethany, looks like you’ve run into the consequences of complaining about other drivers while driving yourself and posting on Facebook. Don’t no one got time for that shit in 2016. People genuinely fear (more) for their lives on the road now, and it’s not because of people who tailgate; it’s because of idiots who text and drive. Even the worst drivers among us will be vocally critical of texting and driving, because it’s not safe, it contributes to major collisions, and it’s simply not worth it. Newsflash: Nobody cares about your experience with a single tailgater unless your story turns into that inexplicable Urban Legend about a man hiding in the backseat with a butcher knife. If you just narrowly escaped death-by-backseat-butcher-knife, please, by all means, let the world know. Otherwise, stop distracting yourself with hatred for a random stranger who won’t get off your ass. We’ve all dealt with tailgaters, and having a baby in the car just means you should be more inclined to pull over and let the person pass. It’s not an invitation to whine to all your friends about how extra-special you are.

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