STFU Parents: Parents With Road Rage on Facebook Terrify Me

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2. Irradical Behavior


Okay, then, Denise! Something tells me you’re not in the proper frame of mind for me to explain that “irradical” isn’t a word, unless you’re on Urban Dictionary, which defines it as “Something that is not very cool or radical; something that is lame is irradical; the opposite of radical.” But I’m guessing what you meant to say was “erratic,” just before calling out the “blonde bitch” whose “@$$” you’d like to “beat into the pavement.” How about just telling your son that erratic drivers are everywhere, and dealing with people who aren’t paying attention just comes with the responsibility of driving? Oprah would call this a teachable moment. I don’t think teachable moments are supposed to be punctuated with threats of extreme violence, but hey what do I know?

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