STFU Parents: Parents With Road Rage on Facebook Terrify Me

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1. Road Rage From Inside Your Home


Does it count as road rage if your rage is directed at people on the road from the comfort of your own living room? I think it does, because what Holly is oh-so-comically suggesting is that she’ll use a BB gun to shoot out the tires of loud, moving motorcycles whose drivers would then crash their bikes and possibly cause an even larger accident and get severely hurt. Super funny stuff! As much as I’m not a fan of motorcycles myself, this is the kind of thing I really wish parents wouldn’t post on Facebook because it’s so unnecessarily hostile and subjectively superior. What exactly does “consideration” even mean in this context? Motorcycles are loud pretty much all the time, no? That’s why so many people hate them. And yet, only a select few joke about putting motorcyclists out of commission on Facebook after giving their pals a “friendly” warning. Sorry, Holly, but it sounds like you should just get over it.

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