STFU Parents: Parents Go For The Gold With Obnoxious Olympics Status Updates

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4. Parents Vs. NBC

Lastly, some parents aren’t out to annoy their friends with clichéd wisecracks or references to poop. They – along with the rest of the country – just want to understand one thing: Why didn’t NBC air the Olympics live?! Doesn’t anyone think of the children? They are, after all, our future Olympians.


Preach it, Kristen! Except… that’s just how the Olympics are being aired, so perhaps you’d fare better DVRing them?

Little girls with big dreams are having their dreams utterly DESTROYED by NBC, and Marty’s not going to let the network forget it. Remember, everyone: The Olympics are important to us all, but when NBC screws viewers over with weird scheduling and accidental spoilers, it’s hurting our nation’s children the most.

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