STFU Parents: Six Foods Ruined By Parents On Facebook

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6. “White Chocolate” Quote Unquote

6. white chocolate









Ummmm what? I’ve had this submission for at least a year, if not two, and I’m still perplexed. If “brown” chocolate = poop, then what the hell does “white chocolate” mean? And in what context are we talking about the hazy “white chocolate days”? Is it a drug euphemism? Or is “white chocolate” a different kind of bodily fluid, ahem, that’s also not really appropriate for Facebook? Sarah, if you’re out there and reading, please let me know. This has been weighing on me for far too long, and much like you, I’ve yet to sniff out the source. Unlike you, there’s absolutely nothing I love about searching for an answer. Sorry if that comes as a disappointment, but I do hope your son no longer smells of human waste.

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