STFU Parents: Parent Parking Drama On Facebook

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5. Disabled People Should Get Over Themselves


Ummmmmm, Nicola, you’ve got 99 problems and old people aren’t one. I’ve never heard someone make a crack about slashing wheelchair tires, but something tells me you need anger management classes based on that snide remark alone. Do you honestly think if you park in a disabled space it’s surprising for a disabled person to call you out? I’m not in favor of undue harassment, but in this instance, it sounds like you actually do need reminding that disabled parking spaces are only for the disabled, i.e. NOT YOU. You’re breaking the law just so you can avoid “subjecting your child to the sun and car traffic,” and you’re missing the point, big time. Just wait until you’re an “old bat” whose space is being taken by a young, able-bodied mother. It’ll happen faster than you think. Until then, enjoy the tickets you’ll inevitably rack up by ignoring basic logic.


Is anything more satisfying than reading between the lines of a business’s stock reply to an angry customer? By simply writing, “I’m sorry that you feel this way. I’ll pass your feedback on.”, the Morrisons social media person speaks volumes. She doesn’t need to spell out that Karen is a selfish bitch who thinks the world should cater to her, because that much is clear. Karen is 100% convinced that because she’s a “struggling” young mom who can’t walk more than a single car’s length to get to the front door of an establishment, she deserves to be thoroughly accommodated. She also pulls the “families spend more in your store” card, which is her subtle way of saying, “Money talks. Screw people with disabilities,” which is SUPER courteous to others. What confuses me is the way she talks about parent-and-child spaces like they’re the only options she has, when in reality she can park in any space that’s not specifically designated for disabled people. Seems pretty fair to me! I hope she’s waiting with bated breath for the top brass at Morrison’s to reply and let her know that she’s got a parking space engraved with her name on it for all future use, because hey, it could happen! Moms deserve some prioritizing, too, you know. If only more people could remember that.

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