STFU Parents: Parent Parking Drama On Facebook

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3. Ye Olde Cart Corral Debate

3. cart return

“Do everything as if you were working for the Lord” isn’t MY personal motto in life, but other than that I really like what Layla says here. Putting away shopping carts has long been a debate among parents, and the debate can be chalked up to this: Some parents think it’s a really good idea, both as a member of a community and as the person their kids look up to, to put away shopping carts, and others just don’t bother. I’m not saying we haven’t all *thought* about not putting away a shopping cart, or that there aren’t special instances in which parents need to hightail it home, but as a general rule, it’s helpful and polite to put them away. If you’re not the type of person who sees that as an imperative and a necessary task at the end of a shopping trip, might I recommend keeping it to yourself? And yes, the majority of carts that are left rolling around in parking lots are due to lazy people, but this isn’t a “lazy people vs. busy moms” debate. It’s just a standard rule of thumb about shopping carts.

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