STFU Parents: How The Olympics Have Inspired Parents On Facebook

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5. The Cute Olympics























Okay, this dog actually DOES win the Cute Olympics today. I may not be the parent of a human child, but I am *also* not the parent of a doggy-child, either, so you know I’m not being biased. I just happen to think that a tuckered out Corgi who’s curled up with his ball and drifting into a cutie-pie sleep cycle is freaking adorable, that’s all.

But wait! What’s this??? Sarah’s dog was winning the Cute Olympics by a long shot until — coming completely out of left field — Mariana’s baby just crawled into the race!























Hm, well, this is odd. I’m sure Mariana and Sarah are BFFs or buddies or whatever, but what’s the deal with striking up a “friendly” mompetition with your friend on Facebook over “cuteness”? Does Mariana really think she’s being cheeky in a good way by placing her baby’s cuteness in competition with Sarah’s dog’s cuteness? No offense, but there’s no contest there. The Corgi wins paws-down, so this act of hilarity doesn’t seem like much of a win to me. I may even skip over the silver medal and just give Mariana the bronze. Sorry, girl. Better luck next time. If it helps, I think we all know who will be at the top of her game in the Mom Olympics. Mariana’s competitive drive has only just begun to flourish.

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