STFU Parents: The Continued Obsessive Documentation Of Children’s Teeth

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5. Someone Pour Me A Tall Drink Because Teeth Extraction

5. extracted

The final stop on our Teeth Museum tour today is just a blurry photo of three extracted teeth covered in plastic. No, this is not a forensic scientist’s laboratory or evidence pending for a criminal trial. It’s just Alicia’s kid’s teeth, which used to be in a human skull, but now reside in a plastic envelope. THE END.

Did I mention the Teeth Museum has a gift shop? Photo prints, X-rays, old retainers, broken teeth that were knocked out during a kickball game — whatever it is you desire to hang in your home or perhaps add to your own teeth shrine is available for purchase. These are fossils we’re talking about here, folks. Precious memories. They deserve to keep on shining.

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