STFU Parents: The Continued Obsessive Documentation Of Children’s Teeth

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3. “Cool” Teeth Revelation AKA Shark Jokes

3. _how strange_

Okay, I get it…the baby tooth is behind the permanent tooth and it’s krazy! But, is it wild and outrageous enough to warrant posting this bizarre photo? This is like anything else in life: The premise may have seemed interesting, but if the outcome is a close-up of the kid’s mouth — not a shot of him pulling down him own lip and making a goofy face, but just a mouth — it might be better not to post it at all. I wouldn’t post a picture of my OWN freakish shark-like mouth (if I had one; instead I wore braces for over six years of my adolescence to avoid that), so I’d definitely draw the line at posting a photo of someone else’s mouth, even my own child’s. This picture is an act of narcissism masked as a dad joke about both sharks and West Side Story. All anyone initially sees is a child possibly pleading for help. By the time you notice the “shark tooth,” you’re like, “Oh. Cool, or something. Good one, John. I guess.”

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