STFU Parents: The Continued Obsessive Documentation Of Children’s Teeth

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I digress. My point is, moms can’t get enough of their children’s dentition, whether teeth are coming in for the first time, loose for the first time, falling out for the first time, etc. I need a nap (with my mouthguard) just thinking about how excruciatingly boring this level of detail would be to scroll through on Facebook, minus all the photos that zoom in on empty tooth sockets and bloody gums. In fact, I wouldn’t even write another column on this subject except people keep bringing it up and proving that my work here is not yet done.



 Oh, Natalie. There’s no need for you to send those submissions along, because I already have nearly two dozen (that’s almost a full human set!) in my “Teeth” submissions folder. CHEW ON THAT, AWHILE, EH?

Let’s brush up (ugh) on how NOT to post about your kids’ teeth with some sparkly new examples, shall we?

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