STFU Parents: Moms Who Preach About Eating Their Placenta Can Stop Now

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In all seriousness, though, placentas have gone from being quietly consumed behind closed doors to overtly celebrated on the internet, and pro-placentophagy parents and doulas have become as vocal as lactivists or VBAC proponents. Natural birth isn’t even just about having a drug-free childbirth experience anymore; it’s about having your baby at home, surrounded by strangers in a drum circle, prepared to slice into your placenta with vigor in order to “replace lost nutrients and fight postpartum depression” just as nature intended. You’re not even supposed to admit that eating placenta sounds like a challenge on ‘Fear Factor.’ You’re supposed to eat it and LOVE IT. This is the way of the placenta eater.


There are even fan pages on social media — lots of them — that are dedicated to the ancient practice (for wild animals in the woods) of chomping on your own placenta. Groups like “Team Placenta” exist for women to network, refer local encapsulators, acquire disgusting recipes, or weirdly compliment each other on how awesome their placentas are. Members even have their own special brand of humor, like this:

INTRO 5Heh. Funny, right?? It quacked me up! But really — someone help Team Placenta member Valerie out here. She’s doing her absolute best and it’s like no one even cares.

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