STFU Parents: Mom’s Gold Star Kids’ Drawings That Are Priceless Works Of Art

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4. Etch-a-Sketch Portrait


Some of the best drawings kids create are interpretations of their mom. Mothers never know how their kids truly see them until the day their kid walks up to them and says, “Today we drew pictures of our mommies in class!” and hands them a grotesque cartoon that ranges from “very bad scribble” to “very good scribble.” However, in the case with the image above, it’s as though the child gave him/herself the drawing assignment in the toy aisle of Target. No instruction or guidance needed. This kid knew what s/he wanted to draw and just went for it, even being so kind as to include breastfeeding slug siblings, without a single prompt! What a gem. It’s a shame the mother must have been unaware; otherwise, she could’ve purchased the mechanical toy and displayed this beauty in her home.

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