STFU Parents: Mommyjacking With Non-Sequiturs on Facebook Confuses Us All

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4. Word Association Woes


Ummmmmmm. My face just morphed into a spectrum of emojis. The “furrowed brow” emoji. The “oh, that’s sad” emoji. The “eye roll” emoji. The “neutral face” emoji. Now I’m the emoji that just has eyes. What is a person supposed to say to “HannahandKyle” (ugh) after “they” leave a comment about naming their 2-month old miscarried fetus “Joy”? Yes, suffering a miscarriage is a “testing of faith that produces perseverance,” and no, I don’t think people who have had miscarriages should suffer in silence, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to drop this piece of information into the comments like it’s common knowledge. I mean, the fetus was less than one inch long and weighed less than 1/8 of an ounce. Not that it didn’t deserve a name, but technically it didn’t yet have a sex or an identity. Mourning what could have been makes sense, but I’m not so sure leaving this comment does.

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