STFU Parents: Mommyjacking Know-It-Alls On Facebook

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2. Choking Hazards


I appreciate that Hannah defended herself here without acting too insulted. She took Miriam’s comments in stride, despite the fact that this picture shows her son eating grapes while literally being held up and watched by his father. I also think that Hannah is right; at some point, parents should stop cutting their children’s food into itty bitty pieces so the child learns how to properly chew and break down food on his own. (But hey, I’m no doctor!) Miriam is being a tad presumptive in her first comment, but it’s the second comment that ticks me off. When people post passive-aggressive links to safety prevention pages, it makes me wish the original poster would reply with a link about surviving the zombie apocalypse. In other words, who gives a shit? You know how to use Google, good for you! Now save yourself!

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