STFU Parents: Mommyjacking In A Winter Wonderland

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Happy holidays from STFU, Parents! The jingle bells are ringing, the snow is falling (depending on where you live), and the fire is raging (unless, like me, you just watch this). As of last week, we have officially entered The Winter Season. Let us all rejoice before sliding down a flight of stairs. To help kick off the season, and to celebrate the Christmas holiday, let’s take a look at some mommyjacking examples that pertain specifically to winter weather and snowy activities. After all, mommyjackers don’t get a “winter break.” They’re mommyjackin’ around the clock, 365 days a year. They mommyjack through wind, snow, ice, and hail. They’re like carolers who spread joy and good will, except their version involves trolling people on Facebook. What would the holidays be without a little friendly and/or familial unnecessary drama, am I right? Here’s what some wintertime mommyjackers had to say:

1. Teachers Should Sleep In While They Can

1. teacher_80.jpg

Hey, Orange! ORANGE you glad you posted about wanting another day off from school due to an ice storm? L. sure is! She looks for just about any opportunity to remind people that children = NO MORE SLEEP, NO MORE LUXURY, NO MORE ENJOYMENT OF ANYTHING EVER AGAIN BECAUSE YOU WILL BE A ZOMBIE, and your status update about sleeping in fit the bill perfectly. Sleep in while you can, you lazy teacher!

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