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STFU Parents: What Mothers Are Worth According To Facebook

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1. 24/7/365

2. call in sick







Thea and Brook need a podcast. “Mom Banter” could consist of call-ins, clichés, and — what else? — complaining. The 3 C’s for a successful radio show about all things mommyhood. “You think you have it bad, nightshift nurses, overnight engineers, and firemen? Try staying up all night with a flu-ish little boy for four nights straight. Then we’ll see which job you prefer!” Yes, moms are “pulling 24-hour shifts” and it sucks when they’re sick and have stuff to do, but most people, myself included, have gone to work sick simply because that’s what had to happen. Being sick sucks no matter who you are. Being a sick mom just means you’re that much closer to your bed.

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