STFU Parents: The Various Types Of Mama Bears On Facebook

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6. Look Out World: We Have A Momma Lion


 A few years after Palin introduced “mama grizzly” to the mainstream, Amy Chua educated the masses about being a tiger mom. Mothers started wondering where they fell on the spectrum and what all of these animal mothers signified in relation to them. Does every mother connect to a mother animal, and if so, how will she know which one she is? The important thing to remember is that over two million animal species have been identified on the planet, so even if you don’t self-identify with a bear or a tiger, there are plenty of other animals in the sea, so to speak. In the meantime, mama lions, mama tigers, and mama bears (OH, MY!) will continue to roam the earth, fiercely caring for their young, and lying in wait for something in the real world to set them off so they can rant about it online.

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