STFU Parents: 5 Parents Who Are Talking 2012 Election Time On Facebook

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Election Day is (FINALLY) here, and I know no better way to celebrate than to round up several related submissions written by parents on Facebook. “But what are parents talking about that’s related to both the election and parenthood?”, you might be asking yourself. Well, several things! After all, this election affects us all in myriad ways. We’re voting on healthcare reform, civil rights, women’s rights, public arts, public education — all things that profoundly impact parents and their children’s development. But, that’s not what the parents in today’s column are talking about. They’ve got a few other messages they’d like to get out.

For instance, some parents don’t really give a damn who they vote for, as long as it’s NOT for the guy whose campaigning is crimping their style.

STFU Parents

Amber does have a point in that it can be annoying to receive unexpected visitors. However, something tells me these visitors came by during normal business hours, and, let’s face it, they’re performing a civic duty that many of us have chosen not to do. Personally, I gave up “door-to-door harassment” after being a Girl Scout, and then again after selling the newspaper door-to-door after college, and I know what it’s like to see people exasperated and uninterested in chatting. But you know what I learned? For every 100 houses, at least 5 people bought the paper. And when I was a Girl Scout, even more people bought cookies. So, STFU, Amber. I respect and support everyone out there trying to campaign for their candidate because that is the goddamn American way. And that goes for people campaigning on foot as well as in call centers.

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