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STFU Parents: Labor Day Isn’t About Birth Stories, And Yet Here We Are

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2. Pee Sniffing Story


Sorry, Nick, but that Pee Sniffing ship has sailed. Anytime someone begins a story on Facebook with, “Anyone wanna hear the story about…”, you know it’s likely a story that no one actually wants to hear about. Not that we can’t all be entertained by the mental image of a heavily pregnant school teacher “peeing herself” in front of her young students (I think?), but the “sniffing” part takes it just one step too far. Especially considering this child is now eight years old. I do hope you washed those pants, Sharon, and then bought Meg a bottle of whiskey to say ‘thank you.’ Pee doesn’t smell good, but I’m not sure amniotic fluid smells much better?

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