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STFU Parents: Labor Day Isn’t About Birth Stories, And Yet Here We Are

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The thing about birth stories is that they’re usually tales of great personal achievement, and it’s normal for parents, especially moms, to want to share them. Many people agree that birth stories are beautiful and empowering. Many people also agree, however, that there’s not really any good reason to share all the details unprompted on social media. What is it about some people that causes them to overshare on this subject, while others just post the baby’s name, time of birth, weight, and a single cute photo? Why is there such a disparity with this subject? I don’t think anyone is arguing that birth is one of the most transformative experiences a person can go through (it’s kind of like ‘Burning Man,’ but bloodier), but there continues to be a divide between those of us who absolutely love reading (for some reason) long-winded and/or graphic birth stories versus those of us who don’t. The only potential “solution” to this I’ve seen is the trend that calls for moms to share their stories using emoticons. I have to say, I don’t hate this idea, so long as the stories aren’t 50+ lines long and don’t include the “chains” or the “swords” emoji.

5. emoticons

Lau, you have won my affection, and those emoji do tell quite a story, indeed. Congratulations on your non-birth story. It’s like visual poetry. Oh, and speaking of poetry…


Just beautiful. Possibly the worst poem I’ve ever read, but what does that matter? Let’s check out some other parents’ birth stories in honor of Labor Day — because you can’t have a laboring workforce without the “labor and delivery”….or something.

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