STFU Parents: Irrationally Angry Parents Who Call People Out On Facebook

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5. Being Sort Of Nice Gets U Nowhere


I, for one, *definitely* think it’s time for Kylie to go back to being a bitch. What exactly would that look like, compared to this? I might have to grab a bag of Grand Rapids Popcorn to watch this transformation play out. By the time Kylie gives birth, she’ll be a Top Bitch. The bitch is going to come out and fucking play, and nothing—not a lack of sleep, leaky breasts, or the responsibility of caring for a newborn—is going to stop her from smashing fucking teeth down various fucking throats. Just you wait and see. When arses get kicked, Kylie will let you know about it on Facebook. After all, if you kick someone’s fucking arse or threaten a total stranger and don’t brag about it on social media, did it ever really happen?

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