STFU Parents: Irrationally Angry Parents Who Call People Out On Facebook

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3. Friendly Interactions With Geriatrics


I have to hand it to Michelle for saying “please.” You’d think after hurling insults like “old friggin hag” and “sea donkey face,” she wouldn’t really bother with any decorum, but no, Michelle is a class act. She may be hot-headed, but she knows how to stay out of jail, and that’s what counts. Besides, she told the old friggin hag not to shove her sea donkey face all up in the baby’s grill, but the decrepit biddy went and did it anyway! Obviously Michelle’s first instinct would be to punch the elderly cow in her wrinkled mug; she’s a mother and a fighter! If she has to hit a feeble senior in the face because she patted Michelle’s baby girl on the head, so be it! Ahhhh

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