STFU Parents: Moms Who Leak Too Much Information About Their Incontinence On Facebook

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We already know that some mothers reveal way too much about their bodies on social media, but by far the most common (and visually revealing) physical gripe is about incontinence. You guys know what I’m talkin’ about. The “oops!” pee that occurs during pregnancy and — for some women — every day after labor until you die? It’s a typical byproduct of being a mom (and/or geriatric person), and something that women understandably discuss over Cobb salads or after one of those trampoline classes at the gym. But what about on Facebook? Is joking about having to pee constantly, or actually peeing while sneezing, something the greater public can and should handle? Does incontinence (or the feeling of incontinence) fall into the “TMI” category, or are the status updates just amusing and relatable anecdotes?

After all, everyone has felt the sensation of having to pee REALLY BADLY or has accidentally peed themselves laughing, right? Maybe this is one of those topics that’s more funny than it is gross. OR, maybe it’s something women should keep off Facebook along with their mucus plugs, cervix dilations, and hard-ass uteruses. Whatever your opinion, one thing is for sure: A single incontinence update will lead to at least one incontinence comment, most likely from a woman who’s “been there and done that” and thinks she has a leg up (so to speak) on the subject. Let’s check out some unfortunate examples:

 1. Airing Dirty Soiled Laundry

STFU Parents

Jennifer is keeping it real. She’s not sure why she’s sharing her pee problem with Facebook, but hey, maybe someone will have a laugh at her expense. Someone like Amy, who’s already wet her pants twice today.

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