STFU Parents: It’s The Great Pumpkin Obsession On Social Media

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Happy Halloween! It’s everyone’s favorite gourd-laden holiday, absolutely brimming with pumpkin decor, and one needn’t look further than Facebook for proof. Over the years, pumpkins have gone from humble Halloween vegetable mascot to nearly taking over every aspect of autumnal living, starting approximately on September 1st. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that along with the pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin pie spice chips (shudder) have come a variety of parenting pumpkin-themed uses on social media. Who could forget this viral photo (originally posted by nurses) from a few years back?


….or this one, from last year?


Having carved a pumpkin this year for the first time in a while, I can tell you that I don’t really understand the fetish some people have for these types of crafts. I mean, that baby butternut squash is wearing a Cookie Monster diaper. The pumpkin mama is wearing a sling. And who on God’s green earth wants to re-imagine a pair of nipples as brownish, hard-as-wood pumpkin stems? (Kristy, apparently.) I completely understand the fascination and amusement some people have regarding pumpkin-themed everything — pumpkin tastes good! and it’s seasonal so it’s special, and what other vegetable out there allows for so many inspired ideas and designs?? — I do think the craze has officially hit its peak.

There was a time in life when pumpkin patches didn’t equate to “pumpkin patch photo shoots,” and pumpkin carving didn’t equate to “fetus jack ‘o lanterns and breastfeeding gourd mamas with pumpkin breasts,” and I think those times might have been a bit simpler. More “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and less “Charlie Brown’s face perfectly carved into a pumpkin after using a fancy stencil.” Nowadays, everything has Instagram potential, not to mention Facebook ‘Like’ potential, so people take their pumpkins and Halloween ornamentation prettyyyy seriously. And the group that fact might extend to the most is parents. Somewhere in the intersection of our pumpkin-obsessed society and Pinterest try-hard moms has come a slew of repurposed or reimagined pumpkin concepts specifically designed for social media. Sure, people still carve pumpkins just for fun, just for them (and their neighbors), but the goal for enjoyment now extends far beyond our porches and driveways. Whether parents are using pumpkins to convey a message, or using the popular pumpkin image in a fall craft with their kid(s), Halloween has become a holiday that celebrates gourds more than actual frights, according to Facebook newsfeeds. Let’s check out some very orange examples.

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