STFU Parents: Are Grandmajackers Annoying Or Just Cluelessly Adorable?

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2. Birthdayjacking

2. birthday

Birthdayjacking is a fad that might never go out of style, particularly if grandparents have anything to say about it. If it’s a grandchild’s birthday, you better believe random people on Facebook are going to know about it. As far as Nancy here is concerned, Phyllis’s birthday serves as a reminder to spread the word that it’s Nancy’s grandson’s birthday, too. How serendipitous! Thanks for reminding her, Phyllis! I also love the way Nancy writes ‘Grandson’s B-day’ as a proper noun. It’s like people become grandparents and overnight they forget what’s supposed to be a proper noun. It’s either the Cutest or Most Annoying habit in the World, depending on who you talk to.


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