STFU Parents: Are Grandmajackers Annoying Or Just Cluelessly Adorable?

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Ohhh, grandmas. Can you blame them for being caricatures of every other grandma that’s ever walked the earth? I’m not sure you can. But over the years, I’ve received numerous email examples of grandparents hijacking their Facebook friends’ status updates to brag, or simply interject information, about their grandchildren, and I finally felt that it was time to end my silence on this very pressing subject. The question is not ‘Should grandparents stop dedicating so much of their Facebook time to expressing the love and pride they feel for their grandchildren’? The question is ‘Is it adorable when grandparents (perhaps cluelessly) hijack their friends’ updates to talk about their grandkids, or is it actually just as annoying to the original poster (among other people) as any other type of hijacking’?

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We’ve talked about the various types of mommyjackers and daddyjackers and how irritating their comment foibles can be, but what about grandparents? Should they get a pass, or should they learn the delicate art of Facebook etiquette and stop shifting the conversation back to their grandkids? Let’s check out some hijacking Nanas and Papas to help us determine our answer.

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