STFU Parents: How Not To Talk About The Government Shutdown On Facebook

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5. Ignorance Is Bliss Stupid


What can I say? I’m not surprised that Stefan is friends with Xandi — a person who believes that the right to affordable health care is socialist bullshit, and that the answer to all of our problems is buying a cabin in the woods and sitting cross-legged on a bear skin rug surrounded by armaments and ammunition. But it still saddens me to read such drivel during a shutdown that impacts us all and, perhaps more importantly, symbolizes the state of the U.S. government and its place in international politics. I’ve seen several examples of this “What did I miss?” attitude, in response to Osama bin Laden’s death, Gaddafi’s death, and an anomalous earthquake, and it’s just mind-boggling. If Stefan has access to Facebook, doesn’t he also have access to Google? Maybe when he’s done keeping another human being alive (a job we all know is never done), he can take a minute to catch up on the most widely reported story of the week. Once he’s finished scrolling through his newsfeed, obvs.

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