STFU Parents: How Not To Talk About The Government Shutdown On Facebook

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3. Mom Is A Never-Ending Job

STFU Parents

While I think it’s awesome that Julia’s 3-year-old “runs away from men in suits” (we have something in common!), I get a little tired of the “My baby is my boss” analogy. Is your baby the boss or are you the boss? I don’t want anyone to think a toddler is the boss of me, but that’s just one difference between me and Julia. That and the fact that I would never casually comment on a friend’s status update to say, “Are you off today if so have a beer for me. Mom is a never ending job”. For one thing, it shows that Julia isn’t close enough with Colin to know that he’s self-employed, and for another, it’s just a sanctimonious thing to say. Breathing, eating, having shelter, and paying bills are “never-ending jobs,” too, but somehow we all manage to do it. I even manage to use punctuation in my Facebook comments! It’s a never-ending job, but someone’s got to do it.

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