STFU, Parents: Facebook Sanctimommies Know Best

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3. Sanctimommy Stalkers

3. mom on phone_Nothing grinds my gears more than creepy stalkers who snap pictures of total strangers for the sole purpose of shaming them on the internet. How does Lisa, who I’ve been told is a mom, not see the irony here? She thinks she’s better at parenting (or at life) than a random woman talking on her cell phone, to the point of posting her picture online? How is her use of her cell phone somehow superior to someone else’s? Something tells me this kid was just fine. And there are plenty of paper products in that aisle to help him dry his attention-starved tears. If I ever catch anyone snapping a photo of me while I’m faithfully ignoring my future crying monster of a child, my next call will be to store security.

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