STFU Parents: The Various Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant On Facebook, Part II

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5. Morning Sickness Thumbs-Up Announcement

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Ahhh, the fake vomit picture. How prevalent these have been. Look, I’m not saying that I can’t get behind good humor, and I love a woman who can laugh at herself. But the thing is, you never SEE the woman laughing in these trendy pictures, because she’s too busy pretending to barf while crouching on her knees in front of an open toilet. It’s always the man you see, grinning in the foreground, possibly with a thumbs up, as if to say, “I did that! Job well done, DAD!”, and I’m not so keen on that. Yeah, yeah, I know most people enjoy these pictures for what they are and don’t read into them too much, but I have to say, I find this trend to be extremely “male,” which is ironic, given the circumstances.

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