STFU Parents: Eggcessive Facebook Parents Who Treat Easter Like Christmas 2.0

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6. I’m Not A Regular Mom, I’m A #CoolMom

6. ugh

Finally, we have a mother so determined to impress her little girl, she joyfully acknowledges that Easter in her house has become Christmas 2.0. Forget one oversized Disney princess bag with an oversized stuffed animal in it! This little girl needs multiple bags for multiple oversized stuffed animals! It’s like Oprah stopped by and said, “Who needs one Easter basket when you could have FIIIIIIVE EASTERRRR BASKETSSSSS!!!!!!!” This is the way of the modern parent. More stuff equals more “cool mom points,” and more cool mom points equals more social media bragging rights. Thankfully, the next big holiday isn’t for several more months, so parents should have plenty of time to start planning.

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