STFU Parents: Eggcessive Facebook Parents Who Treat Easter Like Christmas 2.0

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5. Easter Is Like Christmas Minus The Wrapping Paper


Is that a pile of clothes, toys, and Snapple for a needy families donation drive, or did Jenn and Michael just cover their couch with as much stuff as they put under the Christmas tree a mere few months ago? It sure LOOKS like it’s a lot to dig through. But maybe with their kids in the picture, it would look like less.


Nope, still looks like Christmas. Except this shot also features a bike. I can’t even tell if these photos were taken in the same year, much less the same house. All I know is, these kids clean up on Easter, so Christmas must be like a super sized holiday spectacular, complete with operational carousel in the driveway. I’m also not seeing too much in these shots that looks “Easter-y.” Maybe I’m just a Peeps-loving, chocolate-bunny-endorsing Jew, but since when do Easter, Snapple, and bikes go together?

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