STFU Parents: Eggcessive Facebook Parents Who Treat Easter Like Christmas 2.0

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2. Easter Bunny On Steroids



Yo Cristin, GUESS WHAT? You don’t need to lay out in words what you bought your baby for Easter, because you already laid out most of it in the picture you posted, and no one cares. There’s really nothing ‘lol’ about it. It’s simple: You and your relatives think this is an appropriate amount of stuff to gift a baby for Easter, and you’re wrong. Easter isn’t for gifting Puma sneakers. It’s not even for gifting TOMS sneakers, although I guess technically they qualify as charity. It’s about chocolate, and bunnies, and eggs, and maybe some books for good measure. It’s not about Baby GAP jeans or bragging on Facebook. I know this lesson won’t come easy since you’re surrounded by people like Connie, but I’d like to believe that people like Karen will make some kind of positive impression in the future.

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