STFU Parents: Facebook Moms Who Think Their Baby’s Poop Smells Good

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1. Poop Smoothie

1. appetizing














No, Jennifer, you’re not the only sicko out there. Don’t worry. There are FAR, FAR worse sickos like Holly who wouldn’t mind spooning (a verb) her daughter’s shit into a blender to make a delectable poop smoothie. This hypothetical concoction is equally as gross as a placenta smoothie, except the contents are derived from a baby’s ass. Y’all know how hippie moms are! Always spooning shit out of their baby’s ass, throwing in some flax seeds, raw kale, and a little fish oil to enhance the flavor. Ha. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!


2. Newborn Breastfed Baby Poops 

2. likes smell.jpg












I shouldn’t be surprised that Chrissy gleefully “released” the information that she likes the smell of her newborn’s “baby poops” considering she also voluntarily named her children Larz-with-a-Z and “Elihka” (which translates to “exotic yooniqueness” in several languages). Still, I’m amused that she only received a single ringing endorsement of her pro-poop status before the rest of her friends admitted to nearly losing their breakfast. You can’t win ’em all, Chrissy! Hahaha!

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