STFU Parents: Woe Is Mom: Here Are The Drive-Thru Rules

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5. A Good Ideas, Or A GREAT Idea?


Okay ladies, we get it. Moms drive cars with kids in them. Moms like Starbucks coffee. Moms don’t like waiting, because they’re on-the-go busy bees and they need their goddamn coffee and they need it NOW. But really, if you’re about to lose your mind because you can’t bear to idle in your car for a few extra minutes, couldn’t you just make your coffee at home? You could get a French press, a really great travel mug, and fancify your whole coffee situation at home, OR you could sit in the drive-thru line at Starbucks and idle like the rest of the commoners who want their coffee just as badly as you do. It’s really that simple. But moms—you’re going to have to make a choice and stick with it at some point. You can’t ALWAYS “have it your way” at the drive-thru, no matter what Donald Trump is willing to promise you. That’s the thing with matters of convenience. No matter who you are or which line you’re in, you still have to wait your turn. God Bless America.

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