STFU Parents: Woe Is Mom: Here Are The Drive-Thru Rules

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3.  Lazy Butts


No fucking way, Janelle. Four—as in ONE, TWO, THREE, OMFG FOUR!!!—adults?! Who opted to go through the drive-thru instead of walking inside?! You have GOT to be kidding me. I know you were thinking the same thing (“Are you kidding me!?!?”), but for real, you MUST be joking. What kind of indignant sloths would commit such a heinous crime? Especially with a mom patiently sitting in her car and waiting right behind them?! This is an outrage. This deserves a protest, a rally of some kind. It’s always just one car of four adults that has to go and ruin everyone else’s drive-thru experience. I bet those adults don’t even have children. I bet they were just “chilling” in the car, on their way to some trendy rave, laughing maniacally to each other about how many people had to wait behind them as they ordered their FOUR beverages from their carseats. As Kelly said, all drive-thrus should be for parents with kids in the car—DUH! It’s too bad no one handed that car of adults a pamphlet with the rules!

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