STFU Parents: Woe Is Mom: Here Are The Drive-Thru Rules

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2. Ingenious Ideas


Ooooh! Sounds like *someone* should be on ‘Shark Tank’! Are these incredible ideas or what? And aren’t moms just the silliest?? A drive-in for parents with sleeping babies that offers back massages and pedicures and nap mats?! Break me off a piece of that! Why not throw in a dry bar so moms can get blow-outs? Or a waxing station? Why can’t there just be a Dave & Buster’s type of place for moms, you know? Like, without all the loud games and drinking—just complete silence, wine spritzers, and some lite nail art, all without leaving the car? I’m telling you, this is a bajillion dollar idea!! Just you wait and watch Monica make her millions off ‘silent drive-thrus.’ Perhaps you’ve heard of ‘silent discos’? Well, this will be like that, minus the dancing, plus all the Grande, Sugar-free, Vanilla Lattes with Soy Milk moms can drink. w00t!

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