STFU Parents: Don’t Brag About Your ‘Push Present’ On Social Media

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Push presents have become the standard so much that any gift purchased for a new mom, either by her partner or herself, gets labeled as a ‘push present.’ The terms is so overused, it’s even been coopted by high-end brands looking to cash in on new obnoxious trends. (note: ‘FH’ is short for ‘future husband.’)


What a delightful, not-at-all presumptuous up-seller! I know the first thing I think of when I hear “wedding band shopping” is “time to start shopping for that mama within.” Another reader sent me this picture of an ad that she saw in a local magazine in Chico, California:


Ew. This tagline feels all wrong, and not just because I disagree with the message. I’m not opposed to a husband buying his wife a nice piece of jewelry (whether she carried a baby for nine months or not), but ‘babying’ someone doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money. Or, to quote a reader and put it in other terms: “I’d take less umbrage with push presents if they weren’t becoming such a self-indulgent expectation.” Parents already have baby showers and gender reveal parties, so are the push presents as status symbols really necessary? And do they have to be discussed with such regularity on forum boards and social media? According to the new moms in today’s column, they most definitely do. After all, they earned it. Let’s check out some examples.

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