STFU Parents: Facebook Documoms Still Fascinated By Their Children’s Infections And Fluids

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4. Full-Body Rash

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 2.22.03 PM

Natasha’s son has a terrible full-body rash, so crazy that it’s required viewing for her Facebook friends. Otherwise, how would they ever understand just how bad this rash was when she tells them over tea and biscotti? You tell me what makes the bigger impact: Explaining to someone, “My kid had a full-body rash. It was ALL OVER HIS BODY!” OR just posting full-body pictures to prove that he did indeed have a full-body rash? And when I say full-body, I mean FULL-body. That means his ENTIRE body. Know what I mean? Ugh, you probably don’t understand what I’m saying at all so here:

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 2.22.19 PM

Note: Natasha’s son’s genitals were not exposed in this photo due to the aid of her manicured hand-shield, but I politely covered it with a pumpkin anyway because it just seems like the right/seasonal thing to do. 

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