STFU Parents: Parents Who Are Demanding About Their Kids’ Birthdays On Facebook

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2. One-Year-Old Birthday Parties Are Off The Chain


Is anyone else picturing a bunch of babies crawling / rolling around in a bounce house, being terrorized by clowns, and then napping in a tent? I understand Alicia is planning a party whose invitees might range in age, and kids like bounce houses and clowns, but this party sounds ridiculous. It’s for a one-year-old. I’m surprised she didn’t rent out a waterpark or a bowling alley. You know, really do it up right. I’m thinking a minimum of 100 people, but it’s possible that figure is a little low.

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According to the submitter, “This screenshot comes from the same gal who a few years earlier divided her potential wedding guests into the A group and the B group. Should an A-list invitee not be able to attend, some lucky asshole from the B group was pulled up from the ranks.” In other words, Cynamyn’s approach to gatherings is a little too spicy. Tone it down, Cynamyn. Sometimes you think you need a gallon of friends and family when you merely need a pinch.

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