STFU Parents: Parents Will Never Stop Complaining About Daylight Saving Time

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3. DST-jacking

1. DST-jacking

Oh, snap! Julie wasn’t having any of Holly’s mommyjacking nonsense. NOPE. She was all casual like, “Oh, yeah, that sounds like it sucks. I’ll sleep in extra-late on your behalf this weekend, ‘k? ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with Holly’s comment; it’s just one of those pointless little corrections that makes you wonder why she added that smiley face. Also, it’s usually people like Holly who wind up terrifying their friends by helpfully calling attention to all the ways that being a parent is hard / makes you lose sleep / ruins everything good in your pre-baby life. Thanks for that, Holly!

2. mommyjacked

*Ahem* (cues Oprah voice) WE KNOOOOOOWWW!!!!! (Nothing against Shannon, it’s just … we know. Let Lindsay celebrate a little, will ya?)

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