STFU Parents: Parents Will Never Stop Complaining About Daylight Saving Time

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2. DST Bedtime Confusion Abounds

2. derp

Guys, guys, guys: Please stop and listen to Heather and Kristin. Granted, I’ve made the case before that parents could just side-step the frustrating effects of DST by putting their kids to bed a little earlier or a little later based on the season, but that doesn’t mean it actually works — especially if you’re confused by the premise and accidentally set up your child to harass you much earlier than usual. I’m still not sure when Jennifer wound up putting her kid to bed, but I hope she figured it out. Although technically, it doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t. The kid is going to wake up when he wakes up and eventually he’ll adjust. If only was paying Jennifer to live blog her experience so we could find out precisely when her son awakes and falls asleep each night for the next month. That would be exciting to know.

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