STFU Parents: Parents Will Never Stop Complaining About Daylight Saving Time

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1. Babies Don’t Understand DST Because Babies Don’t Understand Anything

1. too bad

Yep, it sure is too bad. Good post, Ashley. You sound properly exhausted — though I’m afraid your status update isn’t original:

2. fundamental

I can’t tell if Emily is cat-jacking Brian’s update in a sincere manner or if she’s pointing out that literally every sub-intelligent creature doesn’t know to switch schedules during DST, but yes, both babies and cats are too stupid to understand the fundamental concept of “fall back.” Then again, babies and cats can’t tell time in the first place and have no sense of understanding most things, including but not limited to sudden noises, lightness and darkness, seeing colors, and the feeling of water touching them. But if Brian and Emily must point out this indisputable fact, so be it.

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