STFU Parents: Parents Who Berate Other Parents For ‘Never’ Posting About Their Kids On Facebook

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2. Priorities Police


First of all, Demex is Shay’s son name. Okie dokes. Second of all, who the hell is Shay to criticize people for posting selfies and writing about their job? Just because kids are a huge part of parents’ lives doesn’t mean they have to be a huge part of their Facebook lives. Sometimes parents don’t want to post about their kids because they just like keeping them offline. Sure, it’s annoying when parents get dramatic about how they’re not going to allow their child’s image to be coopted by advertisers or stolen by pedophiles, but that doesn’t mean a person HAS to post about their kid on social media. Some parents fly under the radar and prefer to keep their online identity focused on them as individuals, rather than shine a light on their private family life. Some people have bad relationships with their kid’s family. Whatever her friends’ reasons, Shay might want to reserve her opinionated posts for topics of actual interest. Scolding people about their priorities based on how many selfies they post would be like qualifying someone’s parenting skills based on naming their son Demex. You can do it, but it’s not advisable.

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