STFU Parents: Parents Who Berate Other Parents For ‘Never’ Posting About Their Kids On Facebook

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1. Good Parents Vs. Bad Parents


Do you know if you’re a “good” parent or not? Most parents struggle with this question every day, but now there’s an easy detector to help you figure it out! Just scroll back through your Facebook feed, count the number of status updates pertaining to your child, and apply Laurabeth’s “90% or you suck” formula. Boom, you’ll have your answer. If you fail the test, don’t worry! You can become a good parent whenever you decide to stop selfishly discussing politics or bunnies on skateboards with your friends and start bragging about your little cutie pie’s latest achievements. Otherwise, best of luck to you becoming a GOOD parent. Until your posting habits illuminate the greatest love in the world—the love you have for your child—please spare everyone else the “quality parent” charade.

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