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STFU Parents: This Holiday Season, Don’t Brag Online About Spoiling Your Kids

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5. What Is Happeningggg


This is the gift-wrapping equivalent of actresses saying they were getting dressed for twelve hours before an awards show. I think a person needs to start wrapping this stuff in July for it to not become overwhelming. That or hire a personal gift wrapper, which I can’t imagine is out of the question for parents who are willing to purchase enough presents to fill a studio apartment. It’s like a sea of gifts, with so many waves of packages crushing each other, I can’t tell how many presents there really are. No matter, though. The outcome is as predictable as you’d think:
The look on this child’s face is one of sheer disappointment OR complete exhaustion after unwrapping presents for 18 hours straight with no bathroom breaks. Rachel’s cheeky placement of that winky face is enough to make me want to douse the whole mountain of presents and gift wrapping with gasoline and set it on fire. I might even throw in the little girl’s beloved giant doll, just because it freaks me out.
No kid needs this many gifts. For reals.

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