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STFU Parents: This Holiday Season, Don’t Brag Online About Spoiling Your Kids

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 2. #ShoeAddicts (Whose Feet Grow A New Size Every 4-6 Months)


Baby shoes are cute as hell, and they’re one of my favorite unnecessary items to purchase for my friends’ kids. That being said, kids’ feet grow way too fast to justify making #shoeaddict jokes about toddler shoes. Parents, if your toddler owns more shoes than I (or a toddler) can count on two hands, don’t feel inclined to show all of your friends. I assure you, you won’t be the first one to do so, and it’s not as #impressive as is it #douchey.

I don’t know if “Abigail’s Closet” is a Facebook page created by Katie and dedicated to Katie’s daughter’s closet, or if it’s just a very aptly named consignment shop that has “Abigail” in the name, but I’m glad it’s excited for Abbey’s first shoe rack. Aaaaaalso, does anyone kiiiiiindaaaaa want to barf after reading about how the shelf aaaaaalmost fits all of Abbey’s shoes, or it that just me? ♥

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