STFU Parents: Birth Junkies And Sanctimamas Who Can’t Stop Talking About Labor On Facebook

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3. C-section Pow-Wow 

STFU Parents

Is anyone else picturing Karin nodding and wearing reading glasses like a professor? Ughhh. What is the point of these types of discussions on Facebook? Isn’t this more like brunch material? Stuff the ladies can talk about over eggs benedict while pumping? I don’t mean to sound dispassionate, because I do care about this subject to a point, but I have to wonder why Monika felt the urge to share these thoughts with her entire Facebook community. Surely some of her friends have had elective C-sections. Does she not worry about offending them in the process? I guess in order to communicate thoughts as “deep” as Monika’s, one must be strong enough to know she’s going to piss off (or bore) a percentage of her friends. That’s just a risk that women like Monika are willing to take. As for Megan, I wish her well with her garden.

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