STFU Parents: 6 Reasons To Keep Your Kid’s Bath Poop Off Facebook

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3. Poop Humor

STFU Parents

This submission has so many annoying aspects to it, I feel it’s better to just list them.

1. “RileysMomma”  — Why do so many people insist on doing this? We get it, you had a baby, and now your middle name is “momma.” But, since it’s not really your middle name, and no one even puts their middle name on Facebook anyway, why bother? Reading “RileysMomma” makes me think that wherever this woman goes, she’s wearing a name tag that says “Riley’s Momma” so people can engage her about her kid. That’s lame.

2. “Gotta love boys!!!” – Ugh, enough with the “boy” talk. I posted a submission that said “Boys will be boys!” the other day, and it’s now become my mission to understand why EVERYTHING that boys do — from shitting in the bathtub, to playing sports, to “flirting” — has to be labeled “boy stuff.” I don’t get it. So when girls take a dump in the bathtub it’s just gross, but when boys do it it’s gross and “Typical!!!”? Applying gender roles to events as elemental as pooping oneself seems rather dumb.

3. I’m just going to come out and say it: Brittney was asking for trouble when she gave her kid an extra “x” in his name. If I had a superfluous letter in my name I might have diarrhea in the bath, too.

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